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 Lane Hogs 

 July 2019 Winners 

The Optimists 

Round 2 winners 2019 

Hi All

We will be holding a meeting on 1st September 2021 at 7:30pm Bracknell Hollywood Bowl to discuss returning to league bowling on 8th September 2021.

It has been a long time and I am hoping all is well with the teams.    It will be so nice to catch up with you all after such a long time, let's hope that the world can be fully cured of Covid by end of next year, who knows what is in store for us,  but we do have to remain optimistic!  

We lost Bruce after his long illness with Cancer, he was a true fighter and an inspiration to us all. never give up was his motto and boy he taught us all with his spirit and lovely nature,always had a smile for those around him. 

I would be pleased if all team Captains can make the meeting, we are in desperate need of a new treasurer, Roger and his team are leaving the league next season.  

I am certain we would all like to express our thanks and appreciation to Roger for doing such a sterling job and stepping in when we needed. 

See you all soon 








Top 600 series  12/03/ 2020

Mel Kersley 688

Pam Sharman 668

Roger Husband 666

Peter Stoye 642

Chris Austen 638

Paul Boland 623

Michael Corsini 623

Sue Hall 619

Nick Clarke 610

Mike Codd 610

Jeff Yong 610

2nd Knockout will be updated next week as 2 teams did not play last week. 


Knockout prize's  this year. 

As we have lost a couple of teams recently  the prize fund is not sufficient to cover 3 prizes for the knockout jackpot competition. Therefore we can only award  a 1st prize allocated this season, not 2nd and 3rd as we have done in previous  years. 

Well done winners of 2nd season The Optimists  2019   Dress to impress on Wednesday guys it's a photo call for the website!

We have lost a team this season sadly as you know Rebecca Burlow was expecting the arrival of a newborn baby and they were finding it hard to get a team together.  They wanted me to express their best wishes to you all ad to thank you for welcoming them into the league.  

We have 1 new member about to start David Neal who will join Strike it Lucky,  I am sure you will all make him feel welcome.  


Mike Codd has now joined forces with The Rogues to help them out as they were struggling to get a team together. 

Our last match first round this year 27th May 2020

Knockout winners 1st round 2020

1st round

Equipment for sale. 

If you have any old equipment for sale we have new members always looking, so don't forget to advertise here. 

2019 Committee members:

Pam Sharman - League Secretary

Roger Husband  - League Treasurer

Adrian Wakefield- President,

Nick Clarke – Vice President

Please may I ask, if there is a problem at the bowl and I am not around you must  speak to a member of the committee and they will be your voice to highlight your concerns to the management.

Notes to take into account:


If you need to abandon a game on the night, team captains must alert a Committee member on the night so that they can advise management. 

You must ensure you agree to a double header for the following week, unless it is positions round in that scenario;  you have to agree to play your match before the positions round and arrange via committee team member and the Hollywood Bowl management. 

If you can't get a team together you must provide at least a full weeks notice to your opposition, plus the committee.  If you do not show up and you have not alerted anyone, you lose all points to your opposing team.